JL Squared manages investments primarily for accredited or qualified investors.  We do offer custom solutions for clients who may not be properly served with our commingled products.  

Private Wealth:

We offer financial planning services through an affiliation with Charles Schwab and Interactive Brokers.  We selectively take on clients who we think would benefit from our careful asset allocation strategy.  Our fees are based on assets under management, so we only benefit if your wealth grows. We do not get paid on placing high fee products or churning your account to generate commissions. 

Commingled Hedge Fund Products

We offer managed commingled investment vehicles for accredited investors.  To learn more about our strategies, you can contact any of us through the Team page or using the contact us. These products are suitable only  for those investors who are accredited or qualified. The learn more about qualification requirements, visit the SEC Page detailing the subject



JL Squared Ventures

JL Squared Ventures oversees a portfolio of interesting investments in asset backed lending, ecommerce, and real estate.  If you are seeking capital for your businesses, come chat with us.