October Reading List

Dear Friends,

Back by popular demand, please see my third quarter reading list.  You can find the inaugural reading list on our website, by clicking here.  I hope you learn something while digesting these. Feel free to remove yourself from this list if you don't care using the safe unsubscribe below.   

Also, given its cyber-security awareness month (yeah, you knew that right?), I wanted to suggest a helpful tip. When in doubt, enable 2-factor authentication. It may be a bit of a pain, but its truly one of the best ways to protect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Yahoo etc accounts.  For businesses, 2 factor authentication is available for Slack and Salesforce as well. If your IT guy doesn't have it turned on for your business apps, ask him why. If he says users complain, remind him what is at stake. And remember, email is totally unsecure (a fact you should know if you follow the elections).  Never send something you don't want the world to see via email. Even if your side is secure, there is no way of knowing what the recipient does with the email once he or she gets it. 

It's time for hotels to really, truly worry about Airbnb


The Washington Post owner (oh, and Amazon too) talks a big game about defending the media (Video)


The Truth about Trade


(Subscription Required but get one free article a month for registering)

Canada's Provincial Regulations are a hot mess


One Court to Rule them All:


China has declared green finance a "strategic imperative."


We are all way too addicted to our phones (that means you, the mom texting at the red light with 3 kids in the backseat)


Heaven forbid you start a company that focuses on being profitable on day one


Patagonia paves the way working mom retention


A History of Populism in America


Obituary for the Great Barrier Reef



Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Editionby Robert B. Cialdini


A fascinating look at how clever marketers and sales people manipulate our minds to extract what they want. Mr. Cialdini is widely rumored to have coached Hillary Clinton for her debate performances against Donald Trump.

The Emotionally Intelligent Investor: How self-awareness, empathy and intuition drive performance


I met Mr. Mehta at an investor conference and was excited to read this short book.  He lays out clearly some of the lessons learned over the years investing for himself and others.  

The 6th Extinction
A friend, Marek, recommended this great book to me.  Its really a fascinating read which oddly I found to be a page turner.  Warning, you may not find it a page turner if you did not enjoy 7th grade science class.  

Also, on the issue of books, I recently signed up for a subscription to Sribd.com. For $8.99 a month, you get essentially a Spotify for books and audiobooks.  They have a huge selection, with mobile phone and ipad apps for reading.  Its a bargain to have a library at your fingertips. 

Happy Reading,


Jon Liggett

July Reading List 2016

Dear Friends,

I'm a ferocious reader and often find myself wishing I could share things that I find interesting, but I get too lazy to copy everyone on the email.  So, I've started compiling my biased good reading material into a compact email to share with those that I think may enjoy some of the material.  Feel free to remove yourself from this list if you don't care using the safe unsubscribe below.   

Michael Steinhardt is back into the asset management business as Chairman of WisdomTree.  


All your vendors under one roof? Its like a mall for Wall Street Data.  


1700 Years ago, Rome fell due to the mismanagement of a migrant crisis.


. . . An the current refugee crisis is getting worse.


And what keeps me up at night and worried  . . . China's financial system: The coming debt bust


The War on Cancer increasingly in looking winable: 


And if you life in Seattle, well good luck with this Big One (this is a great read): 


So Why Didn't you run for President Mr. Bloomberg if you have the Answers?


Would a Work Free World be so Bad?


America loses its Mojo: Perhaps housing is over regulated? 


UK Real Estate Funds didn't learn the lessons from 2008


Also Books:

A good friend, recognizing my information overload and twitter habit, suggested I read Deep Work by Cal Newport. I hope you take as much away from it as I did. 


 . . . if you get into this topic, you should also read All Things Shining.


Happy Reading,

Jon Liggett