July Reading List 2016

Dear Friends,

I'm a ferocious reader and often find myself wishing I could share things that I find interesting, but I get too lazy to copy everyone on the email.  So, I've started compiling my biased good reading material into a compact email to share with those that I think may enjoy some of the material.  Feel free to remove yourself from this list if you don't care using the safe unsubscribe below.   

Michael Steinhardt is back into the asset management business as Chairman of WisdomTree.  


All your vendors under one roof? Its like a mall for Wall Street Data.  


1700 Years ago, Rome fell due to the mismanagement of a migrant crisis.


. . . An the current refugee crisis is getting worse.


And what keeps me up at night and worried  . . . China's financial system: The coming debt bust


The War on Cancer increasingly in looking winable: 


And if you life in Seattle, well good luck with this Big One (this is a great read): 


So Why Didn't you run for President Mr. Bloomberg if you have the Answers?


Would a Work Free World be so Bad?


America loses its Mojo: Perhaps housing is over regulated? 


UK Real Estate Funds didn't learn the lessons from 2008


Also Books:

A good friend, recognizing my information overload and twitter habit, suggested I read Deep Work by Cal Newport. I hope you take as much away from it as I did. 


 . . . if you get into this topic, you should also read All Things Shining.


Happy Reading,

Jon Liggett