Private Wealth Management 

Our private client strategy is to concentrate our investments in securities we find attractive from both a value and growth prospective, that can continue to pay dividends to our investors for years to come. Often opportunities are sourced from the hundreds of conversations we have with institutions and hedge fund managers each year. We balance those securities with a portfolio of fixed income that can cushion portfolio losses in times of stress. We manage each clients portfolio a bit differently based on their spending needs, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. Generally, we work with clients at least $1,000,000 in liquid assets.  


Low fees and commissions using the Schwab Alliance services

We custody our clients assets at Charles Schwab, which gives our clients the world class quality services such as online and mobile access, low-cost ETFs which in some cases are cheaper than Vanguard, and commissions on individual stock trades as low as $4.95. Our firm fees are generally a fixed percentage of the assets we manage for a client, which start at 1.5% and go down as your assets with us go up. 


Tailored to Your Needs

Each of our engagements starts with a conversation to fully understand the clients current and future spending plans, savings goals, and risk tolerances.  We then structure a portfolio of liquid securities using model portfolios that are maintained for all clients.  These use a mix of global equities, bonds, REITs, commodities, and other listed securities.  We have models that are passive as well as tactical and the goal is to always keep turnover low, fees low, and to maximize risk adjusted returns for clients. We strive to meet quarterly with our clients to evaluate performance and goals so we can fine tune our strategy to the clients needs. 


Focused on Service for your success

We are a small independent investment firm that puts are clients first.  You can expect to connect with us on our cell phones, in the office, or even via a text message whenever you need us.  We strongly believe that investors are best served in the long run by having a trusted adviser who can help manage behavioral biases in times of stress or excess in the markets.