Private Wealth Management


Service Overview

Our private client strategy is to pursue globally diversified portfolios which match the risk tolerances of our clients. We actively seek to minimize fees and taxes by using low cost ETFs and tax loss harvesting when appropriate.  Finally, we use broad market trends to tell us when to increase or decrease allocations to an asset class rather than gut feel or intuition.

We manage each client’s portfolio a bit differently based on their spending needs, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. Generally, we work with clients with at least $1,000,000 in liquid assets.

Custom Asset Allocation to
Passive and Active Management Strategies

We run models for clients in global passive equity strategies, active equity and debt strategies, passive fixed income allocation, and alternative liquid strategies.

Global Passive Equity Strategy

  • Allocate to low cost ETF’s and mutual funds based on strict guidelines
  • Keep costs very low
  • Minimize turnover and taxes for taxable accounts

Active Equity and Debt Strategy

  • Concentrated investment portfolio with no pass through costs
  • Informed by our 100+ meetings a year with professional equity and distressed debt managers
  • Low turnover, focus on growth at a reasonable price and deep discount situations

Passive Fixed Income Allocation

  • Targets low cost fixed income ETFs
  • Seeks to exploit term structure premium by strategically owning long duration or short duration portfolio
  • Takes advantage of high yield, emerging market debt when opportunities arise

Alternative Portfolio

  • Scour market for interesting REIT and MLP ideas
  • Use gold when appropriate for inflation hedge

Tax Loss Harvesting – we are extremely interested in minimizing taxes. Therefore, we work closely with your accountant to understand your existing tax situation and relentlessly harvest tax losses when available.

Hedge Fund and Private Equity Access

  • We’ve been allocating to hedge funds for over 15 years
  • Our largest clients built their wealth in private equity
  • We can perform due diligence and recommend hedge fund and private equity strategies to complement your portfolio
  • We meet with over 100 hedge funds a year and invest in a select few that truly provide differentiated return streams

Estate Planning, Insurance, and Tax Consulting

  • We work with outside estate planning professionals who can help draft wills, trusts, and other estate documents
  • Through a deep network of insurance professionals, we can help source life policies, property/casualty insurance, and even help with the unwind of unwanted policies
  • We work with your existing tax professionals or can recommend one of our specialists
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